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Out of india, is a restaurant full of color, aromas and textures to eat India en Barcelona

Exotic flavors, incredible textures and aromas that will awaken all your senses. This is what OUT OF INDIA offers you, in the Sants district of Barcelona, a traditional Indian cuisine restaurant that takes you from Barcelona to the immense South Asian country on an unforgettable and surprising gastronomic journey.


Out of india, is a restaurant full of color, aromas and textures to eat India in Barcelona

A visit to OUT of INDIA is synonymous with having a good time, enjoying a cuisine where spices are the protagonists in a colorful place that transmits happiness and calm. The name of the restaurant is the cover letter of a trip to the most gastronomical India.

The aroma of India in our dishes...

At Out of India we cook the “Balance Cook” style.

Method recovered from the ancient Indian cuisine that is based on the balance between health and flavor conceiving the use of fresh spices as a natural means to balance the metabolism of our body. The fusion of aromas, colors and textures will create an explosion of flavors on your palate, and the perception of your senses will transport you to one of the oldest civilizations in the world.

Monday to Sunday

12:00 - 16:30
19:00 - 23:30


Dishes and snacks inherited from the culture of the popular food stalls of the street stalls of India


Discover the flavors of India in the heart of Barcelona

One of the most fashionable cuisines in the world lately is Indian. And there are no shortage of reasons for this since, given the dimensions of the areas of the world where typical Indian dishes are prepared, encompassing more than a billion people, it is not surprising that Indian food has so many tasty, interesting and different dishes.

The gastronomy of our restaurant will transport you to another place without leaving Barcelona. The Indian cuisine of OUT OF INDIA is one of the most famous and recognized in the world for its intensity of flavor and for how different it is from all the others. If you want to travel without moving, and also discover flavors that you have never tried, do not hesitate and come and try Indian food (book Indian restaurant in Barcelona) at our Indian restaurant in Barcelona, ​​where the flavors and textures will make you fall in love.

Discover our millenary gastronomic tradition, known worldwide by its characteristic use of species. Loose your senses through the aromas of our homemade dishes, sauces and desserts. Enter to the richness of the indian cuisine visiting Out Of India, our indian restaurant in Barcelona.


The best Indian food dishes in Barcelona

Are you one of those who read the menu over and over again before ordering? Don’t worry, we understand you. Facing so many options, sometimes you can have a hard time picking your choice. And even more so when all the dishes look so good! Therefore, from Out Of India, we are going to make some recommendations according to your needs so that you have it easier when choosing. We remind you to visit our Indian food restaurant in Barcelona so you can see if we are right!

Our Dishes

Discover some of our top dishes to transport your senses to the flavors of India. Our dishes are carefully elaborated by our staff. We put on them all the effort, love and caring needed to deliver the best indian food in Barcelona.

In our indian restaurant in Barcelona you will find the best dishes of the indian gastronomy. Enjoy the intensity of curry and masala, try the best biryani and naan and delight your senses with the best homemade desserts. In Out Of India you will find the perfect indian dish for you.

comida india en barcelona

Thela Samosa, best way to start

One of the best options to start your meal are the famous samosas, traditional crispy dumplings so typical of our gastronomy. Best of all? Everyone can enjoy them! Stuffed with potatoes, peas, cashews and spices and accompanied by a delicious sauce, they are the best way to start your lunch or dinner.

comida india en barcelona

Chicken Tikka Masala

For meat eaters, the Chicken Tikka Masala dish is a surefire classic. Pieces of boneless chicken thigh marinated and baked in tandoor culminating in a sauce of fresh tomato, peppers. ginger and our masala. Our star dish in which you will not leave a drop without soaking with your Naan bread, Roti or rice.

comida india en barcelona

Kadhai Sabazi, vegan delight.

You can also enjoy the intense flavor of Indian food in totally vegan dishes like Kadhai Sabazi. Sautéed fresh seasonal vegetables with spices, seeds and coriander leaves. Combine it with Naan or Roti bread and we assure you that you will try it again.

comida india en barcelona

Pistachio kulfi, the best way to close your menu

Nothing better to end the menu than a sweet touch. With this traditional homemade ice cream made with buffalo milk cream and pistachio you will enjoy the best ending for your meal.

Naan Butter Bread, the best company

Combine our dishes with the best homemade Naan Butter Bread, baked at the moment in our own clay oven. 

Mango Massi, a milkshake to sweet your meal

Try our traditional Mango Yogurt Smoothie with dry fruits, a fresh and delicious way to enjoy this marvelous and juicy fruit.



We make it easy for you, order your Indian food at home, with a fantastic discount if you do it by phone and come to pick it up. Travel through the scents of India from your own home.


Out Of India is a place where everyone can enjoy the best indian food. We have plenty of delicious vegetarian and vegan options to enjoy all the flavors of indian cuisine. We also cook our dishes with halal meat so everyone can try our incredible dishes as Chicken Tikka Masala, or our Lamb Seekh Kebab Masala. 

In our Indian, vegetarian and halal restaurant in Barcelona you will enjoy your food without any problem. We love to share our delicious gastronomic tradition with everyone who wants to enjoy it! In Out Of India you senses will be surprised by the tasty ingredients of all of our dishes.

Don’t hesitate and visit our indian restaurant in Barcelona. You will discover a portal that will make you travel to the sensations, smells and colors of the India from the heart of Barcelona. A gastronomic trip that you will not forget. Contact us if you want to book a table, we will be waiting for you!

Out of India

Calle Mallorca, 20
08014 Barcelona
Tel: 931 57 18 98
E-mail : Reserva@outofindia.es

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