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One of the differential facts of Indian cuisine is undoubtedly the characteristic use of spices and condiments that are used in its dishes. Spices such as turmeric, cumin or saffron are well known. These ingredients provide an intense flavor and intense colors that give life to the dishes of Indian gastronomy. But if there is a seasoning that is well known to all, that is curry. From Out Of India, the Indian restaurant in Barcelona of reference, we will talk about some curiosities of this famous ingredient.

Not a Spice

Despite what many people may think, curry itself is not a spice. Curry is a seasoning made up of a multitude of combined spices, which makes it provide dishes with an explosion of flavors and aromas of enormous richness.

There is no definitive answer about what spices make up the curry, since the recipe varies according to the region or even according to the dish it wants to be applied to. However, there are a number of spices that are often repeated in most recipes. The use of cumin, ginger powder, cinnamon or turmeric is common, although the list of ingredients is usually much longer.

Powder and paste

Depending on the region, it can be found in various forms. Its use in powder form is the best known and is widely used, but we can also find it in a solid state in curry paste. This form is widely used in other regions of Asia, such as Thailand or Japan.

Used for centuries

Curry has been used for centuries. The first archaeological samples that have been found date back to nothing more and nothing less than 2,500 BC. Indian cuisine is strongly linked to this seasoning. The antiquity of its use demonstrates to what level it is rooted in gastronomic tradition

Indian restaurant in Barcelona

If you want to enjoy the explosion of flavors that curry offers, you cannot miss our Indian restaurant in Barcelona. At Out Of India we offer the best of Indian cuisine in Barcelona, ​​you can consult our menu to find out about the variety of dishes we offer, with a multitude of vegetarian options.

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