Discover the best indian restaurant in Barcelona

best indian restaurant in barcelona

One of the most exciting characteristics of Indian gastronomy certainly is its richness and variety. Due to its oldness and the wide geographical extension, there are a lot of variations, and a big amount of regional versions of the recipes. Today, from Out Of India, the best Indian restaurant in Barcelona, we are sharing some of the specialties of our chef.

Methi Chicken Malai

A delicious dish made of thigh pieces of boneless chicken cooked in fenugreek cream, creme fraiche, mustard oil and spices. This recipe is typical of Hydebarad, the capital and largest city of the state of Telangana, on the south-center of India. A delicious and different way to enjoy chicken.

Lamb Tasa

Lamb Tasa consists of boneless lamb in Tandoor and sautéed with bamboo, vegetables and spices. This spectacular way lamb will melt in your mouth. After you try it, we ensure you’ll want to repeat.

Chili Garlic Fish

For fish lovers we have this really special recipe. Pieces of battered hake loin, in chili sauce with soy, garlic, ginger and sesame oil. This unique recipe comes from the indo-chinese gastronomy. We encourage you to try it and discover an absolute new way of enjoying fish.

Special Maska Daal

We also have vegetarian specialties. You cannot miss the Special Maska Daal, a dish formed by slow cooked black lentil stew with fresh cream, fenugreek and spices. To fully enjoy this dish we recommend to accompany it with basmati aromatic rice.

Out Of India, the best indian restaurant in Barcelona

Discover the best indian restaurant in Barcelona in Out Of India. We have a rich and delicious menu with options for everybody. We count with plenty of vegetarian, vegan and halal options so everyone can enjoy the best indian food in Barcelona. Book your table and come to try the best indian food!

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